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Growlers have arrived


Road King Liquor is pleased to announce that we now have our very own growler bar! We offer a range of local brews, as well as our very own growlers. 

Growlers are jugs that allow customers to fill the bottle with their choice of beers from a range of taps. Road King Liquor will be hooking up with some Alberta breweries to offer taps on-site. 

Right now, we are offering:

TAP ONE :          Analog Brewing  - Old California Republic West Coast IPA  (5.2%)      - $12.90/L                             

TAP TWO:          Town Square - Master Splinter Session IPA (4.2%)                                       - $8.50/L

TAP THREE:     Fallen Timber - Meadjito (5%)                                                                                   - $14/L

TAP FOUR:        Yellowhead/Trolley5 Collab. - Inclusion Blood Orange Wit (5%)             - $9.50/L

For information on how our growler  bar works, CLICK HERE!

Road King Liquor 1L growler bottle: $4.50. All prices include GST and Deposit.